Thursday, July 26, 2007

Saving the World One Farm at a Time

There are people that say apple growing in the Hudson Valley is dead, or darn near. They cite the growing number of farms transmogrified into McMansions as substantial proof. And, yes, according to the 2001 New York Fruit Tree and Vineyard Survey, the nearly 76,000 acres of apple orchards in 1962 had dropped to 44,563 by 2001. In Ulster County the acreage figures have dropped 48% since 1990 alone. And while it appears that apple growing in New York is in a free fall with orchards being turned into bad architecture faster than you can say Red Delicious, farmers persevere by being innovative and creative.

Agriculture is New York’s number 1 industry. New York farmers grow food for millions of New Yorkers and Americans, as well as countless others in many countries. In Ulster County, fruit production is valued at over $17 million with apples constituting almost 90% of that overall value. But beyond its economic value, farms do so much more by protecting open space, clean air and water, scenic vistas, and providing safe, local food. Without our agricultural land base, farms move away, food is grown by someone you’ll never meet, food safety oversights decline, economies become imbalanced, and, well, the food just doesn’t taste nearly as good.

For better or worse, most of our large scale food production occurs in regions or countries sparsely populated, with large amounts of acreage and economic incentives to grow there. But US apple production started right here in the Hudson Valley. It as much a part of our heritage as the Hudson Valley School artists, West Point, the Catskills, and the mighty Hudson River itself. And in much the same way as Pete Seeger and other resuscitated the Hudson River [an effort that continues to this day], we need to support the resuscitation of agriculture in the valley. And we need to support in ways that may not pay off for generations. Unlike a river, farmland once lost is rarely recovered.

Here in Stone Ridge, we have our own little orchard called, not surprisingly, Stone Ridge Orchard. This farm has been around for over 200 years and has produced such a wide range of crops that is the embodiment of diversified crop production. For the better part of the twentieth century it was properly farmed as an apple orchard. But for the better part of the 90s it was farmed with little vision for its farming future. And so when I began farming this piece of land in 2000, I worked with what I had in front of me. Changes had to be made and made quickly. Orchards were replanted. We diversified by planting a number of other fruit crops to help ease the transition from old orchards to new orchards. And while the changes that have occurred were without a doubt the right things to do, we didn’t go far enough, nor was enough time given to allow the plantings we did put in to take effect. In fact, 50% of the new orchards have not even come into full bearing yet.

As debate begins over the future of Stone Ridge Orchard, it is important that everyone place this farm in proper historical perspective. In doing so we shed new light on the value this land plays in regional food production, as well to who we are as human beings, and the valuable role open space, clean air, scenic vistas, and great tasting food have in our collective presence on this planet. Farms evolve and adapt, just as they always have, and they’ll look and feel different from the way they did in their distant past, but they’ll be there on the muddled landscape, producing food and providing peace of mind that some things are simply sacred. Today, we have an opportunity staring us in the face that will only come once: to protect this viable, productive, working farm for future generations. The greenest thing anyone can do is to see that our working farms stay working.

I encourage anyone with an interest to contact me directly or better yet stop by the farm for a walkabout and some lively conversation.

Mike Biltonen 845.687.2587

To be continued………………………..


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Blogger Ferdzy said...

Er, I like your blog too. In fact, I have linked to it and I was hoping you had not given up blogging. New York is close enough to Ontario that many of the issues you are facing are the same issues we are facing here.

Good luck in your endeavors.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to read more about the background and history of the farming industry in New York. I thought you might be interested in The Eat Well Guided Tour of America. The group Sustainable Table is taking a cross-country trip to visit local and sustainable farms and restaurants, meet with farmers, and promote many of the same issues you raise here. Here is a link:

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